A downloadable game for Windows

Sand Cat is out for a short walk on the beach! 

Beware the Sand Gaurdian, Gaurdian of the Sand.


Sand Cat.exe 8 MB


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Very nice. The animations of the main character were quite cute. Made me happy to play as such an endearing little creature.

They are a little cutie, aren't they! I tried drawing something more anatomically correct, but nothing worked. Finally I said heck it and drew this little goof. :)

Love it! The cat's animations are really good. IS there a way to beat the Sand Guardian? I couldn't figure out how to get past it.


Thank you! The legs were so hard to figure out how to animate. I looked up a ton of references for the little dude. The Sand Guardian can be defeated by luring him over the water and having him crash into it three times. I would have liked to update his sprite every time he hits the water to show him melting, but time got away from me.